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Been Serving Firewood For Over 25 Years With Over 1,000 Customers!

Roskill Firewood Ltd is the biggest and Reliable Firewood supplies in Auckalnd all year round. Our team can provide a wide variety of wood types that will keep you warm all winter long. Whether you require a once-off or regular supply, our team can help. We offer hassle-free services to ensure you get your wood without any fuss at all. We have a complete range of wood including Pine, Gum, Macracapa, Hot Mix, and Blackwottle we also do bags of Ti-Tree, Gum and Pine for fireplace or for outdoor BBQs. Our wood has been split since lastyear September that gives us enough time through out the summer to get it bone dry and ready for customers use in Janurary right through till winter. When Winter comes all our Firewood are kept undercover so there is nothing to worry about if you think its to late to buy wood.

Our wood is the highest possible quality, and burns extremely well. We source all our products from suppliers who practice sustainable tree farming techniques, to ensure that your comfort comes with the knowledge that you’re doing your part for the environment.

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Keeping your home warm doesn’t need to harm the environment. With Roskill Firewood Ltd you get a great selection of firewood to choose from, along with the satisfaction of choosing a environmentally friendly wood supplier. Our firewood supplies come from the finest sustainable sources, which means that you get quality, eco-friendly wood each and every time. Speak to us in Auckland to find out more.